Calvin Dennis of Tallahassee Florida, is an Entrepreneur and Owner of Live Black Heart. How it started

Calvin began the Live Black Heart Movement after experiencing multiple personal tragedies. Though some would allow these losses to break them, Calvin has used his tragedies to empower and help unite survivors. The Heart and bolt Live Black Heart logo symbolizes the strength you gain from surviving hardships and personal tragedies. We believe that Every Heart Has A Story and your story deserves a chance to be heard. This is why Live Black Heart was created. The multidimensional lifestyle brand encompasses apparel, social engagement, development and making it cool to support a cause. In 2007, his mother bravely fought Pancreatic Cancer for six months, before she passed. In 2009, Calvin and his collegiate teammate, Willie Pitts were involved in a fatal automobile accident where Willie passed. 


With the “Every Heart Has A Story,” concept Live Black Heart has gained supporters across US and internationally. The supporters come in all ages, demographics and walks of life. The support group comes from businesses, artists, entertainers, students, athletes and entrepreneurs.